We make periodic announcements here, we seldom send marketing or system updates to our subscribers.

12 July 2022 — Major update.

The new web site launched today with re-branding as The update includes completely revised price feed files, pricing and documentation making the API more cost effective and user friendly than ever. A return to our roots introduces a free version of the feed again.

12 December 2021 — Invoices.

You can now create and download invoices for your Paypal transaction on your status page.

14 May 2019 — Faster updates.

The price feed now updates every 30 - 40 seconds instead of every 2 minutes.

29 August 2015 — Account status info.

Account status information is now available in XML format.

4 December 2013 — Downtime.

Downtime today was due to worldwide system outage that affected our upstream network.

24 January 2013 — JSON format added.

Price feed now available in JSON format.

29 June 2012 — System status.

An XML link to system status is now available.

19 December 2011 — Log files added.

Log files now available.

3 December 2011 — Revised XML format.

New easier format XML feed now available.

13 October 2011 — Metric weight feed available.

Feeds are now available in either ounces or grams.

12 October 2011 — Platinum and Palladium added.

Feeds for all 4 of the precious metals Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium are now available.